Star Wars Saga Wall Mural

RoomMates JL1230M Star Wars Saga Prepasted Chair Rail Wall Mural

Have you been looking for the perfect piece of Star Wars decor for that blank wall in your home? Look no further--you've found it! This giant prepasted mural features the cast of George Lucas's epic Star Wars movies, including Yoda, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2D2, and more. Applying is a cinch: just roll up each strip, dip it in warm water, and apply it to the wall. If you're a big Star Wars fan, this is the perfect choice for you!

  • 7 prepasted panels - measures 6' tall by 10.5' wide
  • Water-activated - easy to hang
  • Features officially licensed art
  • Removes in full strips with no damage to walls

The Little Acorn Painting, I Love Green Girl

The Little Acorn Painting, I Love Green Girl

Part of the award-winning "Learn Your Colors" art from The Little Acorn. You can teach your little girl her colors with this series of best friends canvasses, or just let her pick her favorite color. Sold individually but works great as a set of 4 with our other best friends canvases. This little girlfriend is called Starla. She loves all things green, and that's a lot of things. She eats her veggies especially spinach. Her favorite time of year is spring when every shade of green is born. 14" wide x 18" high, pine wood frame with wrapped cotton canvas surface.

Geo Sphere Designer Metal Wall Art Decor Sculpture

Geo Sphere Designer Metal Wall Art Decor Sculpture

This wall art sculpture is the new trend in artistic home furnishing . Classic metal art piece with a dimension of 20"H x 23" W. The sculpture is manufactured with the highest quality, with a stylish and innovative design.

Los Angeles Skyline Night View Photographic Print

Los Angeles Skyline Night View from East LA

The Los Angeles Skyline as seen from the east side, and the First Street bridge. Reminds one of "Gotham City" in the Batman movies.  Original photographic art by prolific Fort Worth Texas photographer Jon Holiday. This photographic print is a commonly found "poster frame" size found in any hobby or frame shop.

"Now a quick story...this image was really interesting to achieve. Had to stand in the road to move the train cables out of the way. The trains are "electric" and very quiet. I shot 3 different time exposures in the road, then moved back to the center where the tracks are, ...but just off the tracks of course. I did this routine several times, and finally while I was bent over to pack up, the train appeared at my back (behind this shot) and blew the horn. I was off the track and not really in the way (but VERY close though), and it startled me enough to jump and start the heart racing. The perils of cityscape photography. :-)) "

- Jon Holiday

Flowers, c.1974 (Purple Flowers in Maroon Vase) by Andy Warhol

Flowers, c.1974 (Purple Flowers in Maroon Vase)

As far as drawings go, this 1974 drawing from contemporary artist Any Warhol is really an amazing work of art.  With a few simple strokes and a handful of colors, Andy Warhol boldly revealed once again his mastery of the arts in this enchanting purple flower.

Andy Warhol (1923 – 1987), one of the 20th century’s most creative, prolific and influential artists, defined a decade and a culture with his groundbreaking Pop Art. Initially a popular Manhattan commercial artist, Warhol achieved fame with his multiple images of soup cans, soda bottles, dollar bills and celebrities, which revealed the beauty within mass culture. Innovator of silkscreening, Warhol’s talents also encompassed filmmaking, music production, commercial illustration, writing and magazine publishing.

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"Head to Toe" Digital Art

Head to Toe

This image has been created specifically with a soft focus intention. It will not be sharp, as its clarity has been subdued by design by the photographer/artist.

Digitally Printed on Archival Photographic Paper resulting in vivid, pure color and exceptional detail that is suitable for museum or gallery display.

Editor's Note:

This art print is a real standout, despite the fact that it is rendered mostly in dark colors and shadows.  There is a fairy tale spirit to the entire presentation, capturing the aura of "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream" and Halloween both.  The girl in the red dress is mesmerizing, and her outline in shadows invites viewers to take a closer inspection.  She is of this world, with her feminine curves and allure, and yet she is also not of this world, with her horn and wings.  A mystical creature that danced and skipped in the moonlight together with the other creatures of the night.

"Meditating Warrior" Peruvian Ceramic Mask

Ceramic mask, 'Meditating Warrior' (Peru)

Pausing in reflection before heading into battle, the "Meditating Warrior" displays a lavish mixture of color and design. Closing his eyes in solemn contemplation, he savors a stolen moment of peace in the midst of war. A vibrant Moche piece for the eclectic décor.

The mask creator, Salomon Ruiz, is a self-taught artist who has developed an innovative style influenced by the ancient Vicus, Moche, and Nazca cultures. Ruiz fashions his ceramic pieces by hand and fires them at high temperatures. Finally, he painstakingly paints each one in vivid colors and applies clear enamel, which enhances and protects the finish.

Enigmatic "Archangel Ariel" Oil and Bronze Painting

'Archangel Ariel'

Angel Ariel makes his valiant presence felt in this painting, but his reputation evokes enigma. His name means "God's Angel," he is one of the seven princes that rule the waters though he is also considered as the "Great Lord of the Earth." According to the poet John Milton, Ariel was a rebel angel who was defeated by Abdiel on the first day of the celestial wars. The devoted call upon Ariel to deliver them from demons, and he is considered to have assisted St. Raphael in the healing of the sick. Fernando Sayan Polo replicates an original composition by Francisco de Zurbarán, exhibited in Lima's cathedral.

Titled "Arcangel Ariel" in Spanish.


15.8" W x 23.6" H

Weight:  0.3 lbs
Oil and bronze leaf on canvas
Signed by the artist

Editor's Pick: We sit and look at art and these are the best!

What usually happens when you're lucky enough to be involved in the delightful work like we do is that -- as Mr. Bean puts it in his movie, pretending to be an art expert -- we "sit and look at art."  It's an immensely inspiring occupation that takes you in a delightful journey for hours and hours on end, and stretch on for days and weeks and years, of visual and spiritual satisfaction.  It is gratifying work.

But amidst this cascade of inspiration and endless parade of beautiful art works, it's amazing for us to realize that there are some works of art that can still stand out and catch our eyes, already blinded as they are with long hours of staring and examining beautiful things.  These art pieces have the ability to turn the light bulb on in our heads, shock us, refresh us, or put a different perspective into the way we see things normally.  They have power to command, to capture and ensnare us with their sheer visual beauty and the meaning of their representations.

So we culled these art artifacts and picked them separate from the rest.

Welcome everyone to our Editor's Pick page.  Our first pick is the "Ice Cream", Photography Art (Mexico).

We will be adding more choice picks to this page.  So stay with us as we journey together to discover more stunning works of art.